Loosing oneself to be with it and taken away by it (2014)

taken by it 2

Photo:2nd Venice International Performance Art Week, Monika Sobczak

Rooted in the action of offering in animistic rituals, this series of performance sees Zai as a solo performer working with the body, vocals, and knives. They were presented at Ota Fine Arts (Singapore) for the closing of his solo exhibition, Gwangju Museum of Art, and Venice International Performance Art week.

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Immigrant- the question of moral (2011)

immigrant 5
Zai invited Thai artist Vichukorn Tangpaiboon (Jon) to collaborate with him on a performance-installation piece. Zai chose natural beeswax as his primarily material, while Jon chose ice and fire. What came of out the poetic conversation is an installation that kept transforming and taking on different shapes as time passed.

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