Ombak Hitam – The Dark Wave (2013)


This concert is a celebration of Zai’s 83-year-old father Atok Kuning Sulaiman, a prominent leader of a band playing malay ghazal music in the 1940s to 60s. A long-time friend and collaborator, bassist/composer Tetsu Saitoh, was also invited to play with a newly formed band led by Kamal Babar and some of the Singapore’s best talents in Malay traditional music.

Book from Hell (2008)

Commissioned by Esplanade (Singapore), this sound improvisation performance, that moves between turbulence and stillness, is a collaboration between Zai (guitar, voice, percussion, misc), Otomo Yoshihide (guitar, turntables, percussion, misc) and Dickson Dee (electronics, misc).
The 71 minute unedited recording by Kondoh Yoshiaki (GOK sound) is released by Doubtmusic (Japan).

Homage to the New Skin (2006)


This is a collaborative improvisation with composer/pianist Dr. John Sharpley.

Gospel from a Strange Flower who grows stubbornly (electric guitar, vocal)

Nightingale of the Tropics (acoustic guitar, vocal)


Melancholy of a Flowering plant (soundtrack for Wonderful Town, in collaboration with Koichi Shimizu)


Stones beneath our feet (sound improve, in collaboration with Fuzz Lee and Shark Fung)

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